Mercedes-Benz A35

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The Mercedes-AMG A45 sold about twice the number its maker expected, but on the other hand, it sits on a high and inaccessible shelf. This A35, on the other hand, is AMG’s diffusion line, the entry-level ‘real AMG’ that sits midway between the full-fat A45 and the watered-down A250 AMG Line.

That territory, even by hot-hatch standards, still demands pretty big spec. So the A35 fields a 306hp engine and four-wheel drive. It’s tempting not just for the mechanical specs, but also for the brilliant interior quality.

But bear in mind that this is an A-Class, and there’s zero chance of going on the configurator without clicking the boxes for the signature IMAX dash, available in three upgrade states culminating in the world’s biggest and most configurable heads-up display.

You can have the car in yellow paint with an optional aerodynamics pack of rear rooftop wing, a bladed diffuser, and corner flicks at the front. It’s actually functional, and my, how you’ll be the toast of the track-day pitlane. Albeit a bit of laughingstock where actual mature and tasteful humans gather. Or you can do without the kit and go stealthy in dark-blue or gray. The A35 will still look pretty meaningful, stanced down on wide-set wheels that go up to 19 inches.

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