Emporium Cash
Earn rewards points on ALL purchases on Crypto Emporium. Later redeem these Rewards Points for our native cryptocurrency, Emporium Cash
At Crypto Emporium we believe the act of spending Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is something that should be rewarded and celebrated. That’s why every purchase you make on the Crypto Emporium marketplace gives you rewards points. These rewards are typically set at 4% of the total order value, however during promotional periods and for certain products, you could receive up to 100% back in rewards points!
Emporium Cash is our native cryptocurrency for our P2P crypto-only marketplace. Full details have not been released yet, we’re keeping our cards hidden for now.

Late in 2020, we launched a liquidity mining token, $CEFI. Holders of this launchpad ERC20 token will be token swapped for our native cryptocurrency before launch.

All rewards points earned on the Crypto Emporium Marketplace will be accumulated, held and can be later redeemed for Emporium Cash.
How to earn?
To earn Rewards Points, you simply have to create an account on the Crypto Emporium Marketplace and make any qualifying purchase. Once you make a purchase, your rewards points will be deposited immediately to your account.

After 30 days, these rewards points will have matured and you will be able to redeem them for Emporium Cash cryptocurrency, these will then be sent directly to your Crypto Emporium or Third-Party enabled wallet.