Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Crypto Emporium?

Crypto Emporium acts as an intermediary service to source & supply the highest quality products from luxury brands at a competitive cost. All our listings are ready for purchase immediately using our 5 supported Cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Verge and Decred. We want to show the real-world value of this revolutionary payment system and show the world that cryptocurrency can be used today to further business goals.

We have an expert team behind us with vast experience of negotiating and dealing with manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. We’ve got contacts around the world, that cater to all the needs of our ever growing list of customers. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and providing an impeccable and easy buying experience.

To our knowledge, Crypto Emporium is the first crypto-only e-commerce store on the internet. One could argue, this is ground breaking stuff.

Who is behind Crypto Emporium?

Crypto Emporium was founded in 2017 by Stephen. An entrepreneur with a penchant for travelling and enjoying the luxury lifestyle. Funded by a group of technology investors, backed up by a talented team of web developers and members of the crypto community. Our team have got the resources and expertise to source quality and reliable suppliers that ensure a prompt and safe delivery to your address. We believe in a customer-centric approach to business.

Our team has grown to include members from many different countries, namely; Italy, U.K, United States, Colombia, France, India, Singapore, Latvia. This team continues to grow and find committed and talented people who are excited about your project and message.

What products do you offer?

We source only the highest quality products available on the market. Reviews are checked extensively to ensure complete customer satisfaction on all products we offer. Some of our most popular categories since we’ve launched have been; Cryptocurrency Mining, Precious Metals, Electric Bicycles, Watches and Electronics. We also offer; Motorbikes & Cars, Yachts and Property Investment. There’s a range of products to suit every budget. Unless specified, we ship our products worldwide within 30 days from the point of order.

Inventory and stock are constantly updating and our pricing is fluid, we’re constantly on the lookout for value to share with our clients. Our prices are updated every 5 minutes depending on cryptocurrency exchange rates. This can lead to some huge savings on certain items.

Can I trust that listings on Luxury Crypto Emporium are real?

We make sure all our listings are 100% authentic, from credible dealers and suppliers. All the items you see listed are either on hand and in-stock, or in-stock with one of our trusted suppliers. We can ship direct from some manufacturers, or from our base location in Northern Italy. On the rare occasion that we’re not able to facilitate the sale of one of our items, we’ll find you an identical option for your consideration or simply fully refund your payment.

All the products we offer come with manufacturer warranties, papers, boxes, guarantees ectect. As a premium service, we make sure our customers are fully covered and looked after. When possible, items will be provided with the most extensive warranty package available.

How Does Delivery Work?

We pride ourselves on our Worldwide 30 Day Delivery service. Though we quote 30 days, it is often the case that your item will arrive much earlier than this. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver, than over-promise and under-deliver.

Shipping charges vary depending on the item. We try to keep a flat shipping cost for the majority of our items. These will be specified at the time of purchase. All items are sent out using reputable courier services, items are fully-insured and guaranteed. We also provide the customer with a tracking number so you can track your package. We’re sure to keep our clients updated, every step of the way.

Some items are harder to ship than others; Cars, Yachts, Property and some Miscellaneous. The nature of these products means we will be working closely with the buyers to arrange and organize delivery/hand over. We can take care of everything on our end and we make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Am I able to customize an order?

Many of our customers wish to modify and customize items listed on the site. We facilitate this whenever possible. This is particularly popular with our Car & Motorcycle listings. Perhaps the listed color isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, or you really don’t want a particular package on it. Our account managers will be in-touch with you as soon as you place your order to specify your order preferences. Please feel free to send us an email at any stage of your buying experience and we will try to facilitate your request in anyway way possible. We know what our customers want and 99% of the time, we get it spot on.

Do listings include VAT?

We aim to create a transparent international market for premium goods. It’s due to this that we present all listings as not including VAT (sales tax). Though for many international orders VAT is covered and paid for by Crypto Emporium. When possible we will advise our customers on VAT and whether it applies to you.

How often are listings updated?

Listings and prices are updated daily. We’re constantly rotating stock and taking on new goods for sale. We try to maintain a competitive and fair price for all our stock, though with the value of our coins varying wildly, this doesn’t always prove easy.

I Love Spending Bitcoin

Excellent Products Excellent! I really love Crypto Emporium it’s changing my life as I can get luxury items that are like the stores in real life. Love it and recommend it. Read More+

Excellent Products
Iseki Solari

This website kept all his promises. Shipping in less than announced, good item, easy and fast payment (XRP). The team is active on twitter and answer very fast. Shipping box was perfect with 5 layers of protection ! The beginning of a new era for E-shopping. Read More+

This website kept.

Sincerely a fantastic experience I had several orders some of which where not even listed i new these items where going to be hard to source, hey presto they sorced all items and delivered all within 30 days. Fully transparent and prompt communication. Read More+

Sincerely a fantastic.
Martyn Taylor

Possibly the easiest online transaction I have ever been apart of. I chose what I wanted to purchase and within seconds it was confirmed, shorty after the confirmation email was received. Read More+

That watch selection.

We invite you to list your products and receive Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Verge, Ripple or Dash. Our agents will evaluate, upload and try to find buyers for your goods.

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