8 inch Nunchaku

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The Red Oak 8 inch Nunchaku is a whole 4 inches shorter on each end than the standard 12” chucks, and has a ball bearing and chain fixing giving you a super smooth and fast action, when training with these Nunchaku. They are made from Red Oak which makes them super durable and hard wearing. The 8 inch Nunchaku have 2 black grooves on each chuck which not only looks good but is great for gripping the chucks and reducing the chances of them slipping out your hand.

So why would you want these 8 inch Nunchaku? Well, many people have their reasons for preferring these but it really comes down to personal preference. They like the feel the extra chain gives them and the lightweight feel. They do feel different from training with regular 12 inch Nunchaku. They feel faster and more 'whippy' it's a much more chaotic experience training with these 8 inch Nunchaku

The small size allows them to be carried around easily and fit into a small bag or pocket. However, at Enso, we don't recommend carrying them with you all the time as you maybe get into trouble for carrying a weapon. These 8 inch Nunchaku are great fun and a perfect addition to any Nunchaku collection, they expand your Nunchaku repertoire and get you used to and comfortable training with different type of Nunchaku.

Here are the dimensions of the 8 inch Nunchaku:

- Length = 8" / 20cm

- Diameter at end ' 3cm / 1"

- Weight = 350g

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