Sennheiser HD 600 Audiophile Quality, Open Hi-Fi stereo Headphones


Product Description


  • Sophisticated design, elegantly finished in black and grey
  • High-quality, open metal mesh earpiece covers for an extremely transparent sound
  • Computer-optimised magnet systems minimise distortion, for as close a reproduction of the original recording as possible
  • Extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils ensure excellent fast and transient response for accuracy
  • Detachable OFC copper cable, Kevlar-reinforced, with very low handling noise

HD 600 Reference Class Wired Headphones

Have a look at your music differently. Bring listening excitement to the next stage of intensity with the HD 600. Incorporating Sennheiser’s signature sound expertise, these open, around-the-ear headphones promise an outstanding soundstage with a warm and balanced audio reproduction. Paired with specially-tuned, highly efficient drivers capable of delivering high sound pressure levels; revelatory audio enjoyment is available at your fingertips.

Did you know?

Fully open headphones give a more ‘open’ and spacious sound quality. (Closed headphones isolate the wearer from the surroundings and normally have a more ‘in head’ sound). Remember to burn them in for improved definition and clarity.

-Sennheiser recommends this headphone for:

Those who have a passion for headphones and for music – and would like to truly feel as if they were in the room with the artist or musician. These headphones are an ideal choice for the professional recording engineer recording classical music.


The HD 600 is intended for home use rather than portable listening. The HD 600 can be connected directly to hi-fi systems of the highest quality, in particular DAT, DVD, MD and CD players. A dedicated headphone amp is definitely preferable, but not essential.

Box Contains
  • 1 HD 6001 earphones
  • Volume control for all wired headphones, with 3.5 mm jack plug and 6 m cable

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